How to: good stumbleupon (SU) is still a great service. It give us more experience as a internet user. But i notice that lately stumblers are sharing not so good content
it is understood that add a site to SU will give a chance for that site to be visited. Since there is a chance for site added to SU show up when people hit the stumble button. If stumbler (SU User) are connected as friend, they even can directly send content to each other.

Some stumblers use this feature wisely. They only share good content. But some are not. Seems like they only care about traffic. They share everything on their blog. Without considering we would like it or not.

Please remember, basicly SU is a social networking. Place for making friends. Although it's has a great reputation as a traffic maker. Some people even write such a cliche testimonial, hopping the reviewed stumbler will pay attention to them.

SU will be more useful if you only add your best content. Because it is too easy to go to next site with a single click. It's mean site you've add to SU had to be eye catching, to attract stumbler.

Adding and sharing not a really great content are not good. It's go for review and testimonial too. People are uncomfort with those such cliche things..

I'd rather follow what the beatles said. Act Naturaly

Which social media should you choose

There are so many social media to drive traffic to your blog. Let's say you tweet your morning activities, digging the news, stumbling cool webs, add it to reddit. Or you'd prefer delicious which is really delicious, share it on facebook. Seems like these words are being trend today
but which one is the best for you?

I would say that they are great to drive traffic. Yes, i mean, they all great. Those media has a large number of user.

Personaly, i choose blogcatalog. Because it have a good tracking for each member. You know who is visiting your blog via widget. May be mybloglog is good too. But i just love the layout at blogcatalog. It's comforting me.

That's a point! Which one of those media is suit you. Use it. Focus on it. Keep in mind that each media has a numerous user.

Be sure to add a sharing tools on your blog. Because your visitor may have their own favorite social media. You can read how to do it here

The most important thing is your content of course. Why should i visit your blog and subscribe it's feed? It had to be so important and interesting, isn't it.
Happy blogging

Banyumas Vilagers Close Up

Take a look at these Vilagers Faces.

i found it at gatot's blog, native photographer in banyumas. currently work for TV-One jakarta


Natural enchantment

The name of Baturraden comes from two words of Java they are Batur (slave) and Raden (queen). There was a story, a slave who took care a horse at the palace area of old Java. The love grew between slave and the princess, a regent’s daughter.

But their love didn’t get permission because of class social gap. Both of them left the palace and build up happy family on the feet of Slamet Mountain. Their place then grew be a village called Baturraden means the united of slave and queen.

Now Baturraden became favorite tourist place because of the beautiful nature and combining with culture and the tradition of the people. From the workers house of PLTA (water electricity technology) that was build up by Dutch colony now became resting place up to 640 meter of the sea.

Baturraden surrounded by naturally jungle that untouchable by human being. The jungle which is rich by flora and fauna keep on saved the eternality. Slamet mountain the biggest and the second higher at Java has 3.428 tall up to the sea.

Everyday, the temperature be overage between 18 degrees until 25 degrees. The place that becomes a background, the most popular love legendary is just 14 kilometers from the town center of Purwokerto. All kinds of vehicles can take the tourist up to enjoy the beautifulness by nature of Baturraden.

Modern History

Story of developing natural tourist resource in Baturraden begins from called by scientist as physics reaction between subatom and neutrons or called electricity. In 1928 the Dutch colony built up PLTA (water electricity technology) at the Ketenger one of the area in Baturraden.

The fourth pioneers’ men from Dutch that built up Baturraden became tourism area. J C Balgooy built animal husbandry for milk cow supply, meat and the egg for the worker at PLTA. Smoulders made a hotel which had 17 rooms, and now becomes Wisma Wijayakusuma. Tenteatte built hot water bath at Pancuran Telu (three spouts) and Pancura Pitu (seven spouts), in order can be visited by tourist. While Van Depperen at that time known as a leader sugar industry in Tegal supporting several business men and workers to visit Baturraden. The house of Van Depperen now becomes Villa Rahayu.

The role of the fourth men of Dutch besides make Baturraden knowing as electric supply, also famous with the beautiful scenery. in the freedom war era, 1947-1949 all facilities that became symbol Dutch Colony destroyed by Indonesian Army (TNI) except animal husbandry which had function to give milk cow and meat supply.

But beautifulness of Baturraden is not disappearing even all Dutch facilities were destroyed. Many students still visit Baturraden, just to see what the animal husbandry is looking like. Of course you can never imagine the road to Baurraden as good as now. Under Sukarno’s power in 1950 the animal husbandry was nationalized. But that year the place also closed because it indicated on diseases. There are no more visitors or tourists after that.

After the freedom of Indonesia from Dutch colony, the Banyumas prominent figure looks the potential of Baturraden to build as tourism industry for growing up Banyumas. In 1952 appeared developing plan of Baturraden. But at the time could not be realized because of Darul Islam battle (Molsem Army ). Baturraden developing could be realized in 1970.


You can relax yourself together with your beloved people to enjoy many facilities and nature attraction, or other attractions made by people. While race, follow natural jungle between damar trees and pine. You can take rest at hot source water Pancuran Telu and Pancuran Pitu.

Feel the sensation by taking bath with hot water from the source of the earth. The water temperature containing sulfur is about 60 degrees. That region also became treatment for rheumatic and skin diseases.

You can ask the guide to invite professional message, and you will enjoy having experience special message that only served in Baturraden. Message your body with yellow gold sulfur mud, and you will refresh your body.

If you want to take the sulfur mud home, villager has prepared in liquid or powder. You can use at home for your message.

Beside dammar jungle and pine, enjoy natural quietness by visiting Telaga Sunyi (quite lake). Put your entire problem and your mind; just try to take attention the bird sing, wind blows shaking the peak of the tries, and feels the cold water from the mountain. Let your mind and your body sinks at the holding of nature.

Baturraden also provided many playing facilities, just like mini cart, gliding action pool, swimming pool, hot bath, and water bike. There is also Kalola Widya Manggala zoo to introduce your children about variety of Indonesia animals.

Besides hotel you can also order spa or spent the night at the café and restaurants that have special traditional taste and natural.